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On seed investing

Yes, yes, everyone online apparently wants to hear your thesis. Please tell me what you think of this market, what the future looks like for such and such industry. Please take part in a panel to share your views on this.

My take is that all of this stuff is largely irrelevant and wrong.

In my experience, it has often been the most cerebral, intellectually rigorous investors who have missed the greatest early companies.

And that’s because they try to be too smart, to have an overly precise point of view on the business opportunity. They want to sit in their board room and be oracles and then write a twelve-part tweetstorm or LP letter on the subject.

But you cannot blame them. People want to feel smart, and it’s almost impossible to raise a fund by telling LPs to just trust your intuition.

You need a thesis, you need arguments, you need unique access, etc. You have to be able to...

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Petit Prince

And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

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A definitive guide to a life well-lived

As I sat in a cab on Saturday evening being zoomed through some blurry part of Chelsea in the recklessly competent style of the New York cab driver, my friend texted me and asked how I would define a life well-lived. I assumed correctly that she was drunk.

This question brought back memories of a class I took in my senior year at Penn called “Literature of Success,” a popular one among almost-real people getting angstily ready to begin noble consulting and finance professions - both the culmination and beginning point of their lives so far. The class offered a rich reading syllabus with works from Benjamin Franklin (of course), Viktor Frankl, and others which I presently forget, and the goal was to ingest these people’s stories and eventually come to our own answer and plan to achieving success in the real world. And naturally to be graded on the quality of that plan.

I texted her back...

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